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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rotary at work... and play

Four very lucky members of the Delhi Group met the head of all the vaccination programmes in India... and were invited to a party to celebrate the exchange of rings of happy betrothed couple Neha (granddaughter of the Rotary Club of Delhi Sainik Farms president 2000-2001Dr P C Bansil) and Rishi, who will take his bride to Birmingham, England after their wedding a few days after the party we attended.

Catherine Ferrier and Debbie Hodge (a minister in the United Reformed Church and a leading light, nationally, in interfaith relations) went ahead to the home of Farook Siddiqui, the wonderfully-welcoming president of the Rotary Club of Delhi Saket and his lovely wife Ayesha to borrow party frocks (from Ayesha, not Farook)!

It was the night of the collapse of a building in Delhi with the loss of 66 lives. Traffic became even more chaotic and Jim and Sally Matthews got caught in the most extreme (and that's saying something!) traffic jam they saw in India and arrived 90 minutes late.

Sally Mathews, Ayesha Siddiqui, Catherine Ferrier and The Rev DGN Debbie Hodge with Farook and Ayesha's four-year-old daughter Madia

Indian celebrations are always a blaze of colour, and a high-decibel opportunity for dancing... with men dancihng together in a style that makes 'Strictly...' look decidedly non-competitive. This video is a big file and is LOUD so while you wait for it to load, take the time to disconnect your speakers or turn the volume right down! 

Despite being 90 years old, Dr Bansil took to the floor and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He is a remarkable and very generous patriarch. It was our pleasure to meet him.

Unlike English weddings, where British reserve can mean it takes a while to get feet moving, here the Bollywood beat soon had everyone dancing...

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