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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rotary hospitality

Those of us who have been in Rotary since the year after the Polio Plus Campaign was launched in 1985 are accustomed to exchanging club banners. Here Jim Matthews presents the Rotary Club of Oadby banner to Farook Siddiqui, president of the Rotary Club of Delhi Saket.

After only a month as a member of the Rotary Club of Largs, near Glasgow, Catherine Ferrier has already got into the swing of exchanging club banners. But both she and Jim must admit that they did not give their banners at a meeting of the Saket Club. Instead, they did so while being treated to a delicious meal at Karim's, the award-winning restaurant in the heart of Old Delhi, by Farook.

It is, as the guide books might say, 'unprepossessing' but the quality of the traditional food can scarcely be adequately described. And nor can the hospitality of Farook and Ayesha, accompanied by their delightful daughter Madia whose fourth birthday it was a few days later.

The Siddiqui family were pleased to see with Catherine and Sally the photos from Karim's. 
They know they have an open invitation to visit in the UK.

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